Delaware Cemetery History

The Delaware Cemetery was founded in 1880. A meeting was held in the home of Philip Fulmer which resulted in a committee of 5 individuals being formed in order to purchase a plot of land and develop a cemetery. It was further decided that each of the plots be mapped out ahead of time so as to not waste any space. Further history can be read here.

The Pike County Poor Lot

The Poor lot is dedicated to those who are unmarked or did not have the funds to purchase their own plot, in which the state had sent different persons to different cementeries around Pike County. Many of the buried are from a train incident which tragically killed the workers and bystanders. To read more click here.

Dingman Family Members Buried in Delaware Cemetery

In 1991, the Delaware Cemetery Association received a request for information about members of the Dingman families buried in the Delaware Cemetery. Here is the information researched in 1991: to read more click here.