Our Rules and Regulations

Delaware Cemetery Association Dingmans Ferry PA, 18328

Updated May, 2018

Delaware Cemetery is private property owned and operated by the Delaware Cemetery Association.

Prior to installation of any kind of memorial (headstones,flush ground markers, any footings/foundations,etc.),
plot owners must contact the Association in advance and secure written approval of the Board.

Restrictions relating to kinds of decoration, planting or items on grave lots:

There shall be no planting of trees, shrubs or bushes on grave lots.
There shall be no fences or benches at grave lots.
There shall be no items that may blow away at grave lots.
There shall be no bricks, stones, lights outlining a grave lot.
Decorations should only be in the area in front of a headstone (or where a headstone would be), and should not exceed the width of a lot.
Any decorations, plantings or items that encroach on another plot will be removed.
Any decorations that are deemed by the Board of Managers to be injurious to the safety of others and/or the appearance of the cemetery will be removed.
Any items that interfere with grounds care will be removed.

No open flame allowed in Delaware Cemetery.
No dogs allowed in Delaware Cemetery.
No hunting allowed in Delaware Cemetery.

Delaware Cemetery Association shall not be required to repair or perform any labor or service of any nature or kind whatsoever on any headstone, monument, plaque or any type of stone placed on a lot.

Delaware Cemetery Association will provide basic care of your lot. This basic care shall consist of keeping the grounds clean, keeping grass cut and a cared-for appearance of the cemetery.

Any and all work in the cemetery, including the manner of performing the work, the type and quantity of the work, shall at all times be within the discretion and under the control and direction of the Board of Managers of Delaware Cemetery Association.

Please do not leave anything of value on your plot as our cemetery grounds are unsecured and we cannot be responsible for items left at plot.

Board of Managers, Delaware Cemetery Association