Conwell, Owen was born about 1860 in New York. On July 26, 1870 he was living in Dingman Township with his mother, Ellen Conwell (born about 1810 in Ireland) and his brother, Bernard (born about 1853 in Ireland). They lived on a farm. His mother's occupation is listed as farmer and his brother's occupation is listed as farm hand. He and his brother could read and write but his mother couldn't. In 1900, his father's property in Dingman township was sold by the county because taxes were not paid. His mother, Ellen died February 4, 1896 at her home in Dingman Township. In 1930 he was already widowed and was a patient in Newton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. (Mim Carpenter notes: age 71 born at Kingsbridge, near New York City, son of James Conwell, a retired NY policeman. Died at Hillside Home, Clarks Summit, PA on December 27, 1930)

Dorman, Jeremiah (black) age nearly 100 years. Teamster CO.G. 30th. Inf. U.S. Colored Troops. "Uncle Jerry" was known throughout Delaware Township and was formerly a slave in the Linderman and Broadhead families. Died at the home of Mrs. Jane Angle on February 10, 1893. (Bio provided by Mim Carpenter)

Falstick, William born January 1889 in Pennsylvania. Worked as a helper for Justin & Julia Nilis of Delaware Township in 1900 while attending school. He was able to read and write. (Mim Carpenter notes: Died at the age of 13 on Jan 30, 1902. Found him in the original "Dingmans Diary". He had died at the home of Stoll Jagger near Edgemere, (currently present day Silver Lake Road above Doolan Road) originally from South Bethlehem Children's Home. Parents in "poor house").

Fisher, Edward NOTE: Birth year is approximate based on census records. According to census records, he was the son of John T. & Mary Fisher (both born about 1852 in New Jersey). The husband of Florence Fisher born about 1868 and the father of Rilla F. Fisher born about 1903. 1900 Census taken on June 6, 1900 shows he was a servant to Frank and Ada Rowland in Lehman Township. In 1900 he was a hired hand for Frank T. & Jennie L. Bishop in Lehman Township (provided by Mim Carpenter: Died August 13, 1930 at the age of about 79 years. He had been employed by the Kimble-Rowland families, for upwards of half a century. Died at State Hospital in Scranton, Lackawanna, P.A.)

Hartman Philip died August 3, 1935 at Lackawaxen (Provided by Mim Carpenter)

Hedglon, Erastus born April 1866 in Pennsylvania. Died September 1, 1930. Worked as a locomotive engineer. He was the husband of Blanche Austin born 1872 in New York (Daughter of Sarah Austin born 1836 in New Jersey) He was the father of Mabel born July 1892 in New York. He was the son of Erastus Hedgelon, Sr. & Phebe. His father was born about 1831 in New Jersey and worked as a teamster and was a Civil War vet. Phebe was born about 1833 in New Jersey. He had 4 known siblings. Two brothers, Delos born about 1852 in P.A., John born about 1854 in P.A., and two sisters, Phebe born about 1856 in P.A. and Annie born about 1861 in P.A. According to the 1870 census taken on September 16, 1870 was living in Cherry Ridge Township, Wayne County, P.A.

Hines, George born about 1875 in England. He was a white male who boarded with Rebecca Wood and her daughter, Beatrice Wood in Shohola in 1930. He immigrated to the U.S.A. from England in 1919. Arrived at the Port of New York on October 13, 1919 on the S.S. Carepentaria ship which left England on September 13, 1919 and sailed to Puerto Rico then disembarked to New York. Height 5'6" Weight 123 lbs. Died of Gangrene in his foot.

Krob, Elizabeth Died November 30, 1936 at Lackawaxen. Recorded in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery. (Provided by Mim Carpenter)

Lyons, Charles NOTE: Born in 1860. Birth year is an approximation based on 1920 census records. He and his parents were all born in P.A. according to census records. He was a white male, unable to read or write and was a servant to William Courtright in Lehman Township in 1920 at the age of 60. In 1880, he was a farm laborer for William and Susanna Place who were the grandparents of Hiram P. Van Auken.

Redan, Patrick Civil War Vet. 115 Regiment. Excerpt found in Pike County Press, dated, July 20, 1900. Excerpt reads, buried by poor authorities. "Pat" did not know his exact age but claimed to be about 76 years old. Patrick Redding was an old resident that died on July 4, 1900 of paralysis at the home of Adston Angle where he boarded. (Next bio provided by Mim Carpenter: He died at the home of Heston Angle, aged about 80 years. He was one of the first employees of the old tannery at Fulmerville after he was employed by local farmers. Alternate surname spellings found as Reddan and Redding.

Rush, Albert Born in 1870 in New York and In 1920, he was a boarder with James & Eleanor Logan of Lackawaxen. Both his parents were born in Germany according to the 1920 census. According to Mim Carpenter: He was 59 years old at the time of his death and died at Hillside Home, Clark's Summit, P.A. formerly of Lackawaxen Township. Found him recorded in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.

Below Burials & info all provided by Mim Carpenter

Sabiak, John Died February 11, 1953 at Monroe County. Age 77. Found him in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery. No other info found.

Smith, Infant Died November 6, 1933 at Shohola, Pa. Found infant buried in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.

Smith, Infant Died December 22, 1934. Found infant buried in "Poor Lot"at Delaware Cemetery.

Smith, Alfred Died 1898 (black) aged 60 years. Not Recorded. Maybe in "Poor Lot" Delaware Cemetery. (Next info provided by Nicole DiGennaro: Obituary found in Pike County Press, dated, June 17, 1898, "Alfred Smith of Delaware, died last week and was buried on Monday. He was the son of Adam Smith, late of that township, and was aged 52 years. Henry, of Milford, is the only surviving brother, besides whom he leaves a widow and three sons, Adam, Charles and Albert and two daughters". Also printed in the Pike County Press Death Notices, dated June 17, 1898, page 4, "Smith, Alfred, colored at Delaware, aged 52 years")

Smith, Isaac Died May 7, 1897 (black) aged about 76 years. Not recorded. Maybe in "Poor Lot"in Delaware Cemetery.

Spencer, Reuben Died 1895 at Danville, PA. First found him in Pike County burial cards for Veterans and that he was in the Civil War and he is buried in Delaware Cemetery not recorded. (Next info provided by Nicole DiGennaro: Was in active military duty in the Army from October 1, 1864-June 3, 1865. Served in the Civil War. Company B Regiment 69 Infantry: New York)

Spencer, Rose Mrs. Died November 10, 1893. Found her in "Birth & Death" registration for Pike County 1893. Stated she was a widow and was buried in Delaware Cemetery. Not recorded. I believe she was the widow of Alfred Spencer.

Sukler, Marett C. Died April 7, 1937. Born in Greene, P.A. aged 66 years. Found her in "Poor Lot"in Delaware Cemetery.

Topel, Jennie died June 11, 1932. Found this family in 1933 Auditors Reports. The whole family had been on relief and this child died. Found her in "Poor Lot" Delaware Cemetery.

Van Auken, William born about 1831 in Middle Smithfield, PA. Died: March 6, 1905 in Lehman Township, Pike County. Race: White, Gender: Male. Occupation: Laborer. Internment: March 9, 1905, Death recorded: May 10, 1905

Washington, Bernice Died May 30, 1947 in Green Township. Aged 55 years. Found her in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.

Webb, John Died November 22, 1933 in Shohola. Found him in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery. Nothing else found. (Next info provided by Nicole DiGennaro: Found a John Webb living in Shohola in 1880 who was born 1864 in Scotland. He was the son of Thomas and Annie Webb. Thomas was born in England and Annie was born in Scotland. It is unknown if this is the same John Webb, if it is, then he was approximately 69 years old at the time of his death).

Whalen, L. Died October 29, 1930 at Erie Railroad Camp at Lackawaxen. His obit stated that it was not known where the man "hailed from" or whether he had relatives surviving. Found him in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.

Winkle, Charles Christopher Died March 12, 1905 at the home of John Lattimore. His obituary states that he was age 79 years and born in Denmark. Formerly employed by George W. Donaldson. His wife and four children preceded him to the grave. (Next info provided by Nicole DiGennaro: Death Record states 79 year old white male, single, born in Denmark who died March 23, 1905 in Delaware Township. Cause of Death: Bronchitis. He was sick for 6 weeks prior to his death. He was interred on March 15, 1905)

Unidentified Died September 17, 1929. Found obituary for "Unknown Man died at Parker's Glen" Found same in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.

Unidentified Died February 9, 1931 at Lackawaxen. Found in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.

Unidentified Died April 27, 1931 at Lackawaxen

Unidentified Died August 16, 1931. No area given where this person died.

Unidentified Died June 22, 1936 at Delaware Township.

Note: No info found in auditor's reports or newspaper accounts, on the above three persons. Lackawaxen was a railroad hub in this time frame. They were all buried in "Poor Lot" at Delaware Cemetery.